Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well, this is certainly interesting - my last post was 1 year ago. Another crazy year, crazy for a lot more folks than me. No house yet - market took care of that. Did have to buy a new car because the old one was about to lose the differential - and that would have been more than it was worth. Like the new car - and this is important - don't feel like I'm taking a huge risk doing the long-distance drives, especially in the dark. Oh - a first for me: a sun roof! Maybe it will be warm enough to actually open it up!

One New Year's resolution: post a bit more! So today, I'll post my two bread recipes I'm trying out and a soup recipe that looks ready-made to go with them!
King Arthur's cheese bread - only I'm making mine with smoked gouda 'cause that's what's in the house!
And their English muffin bread is just out of the oven - waiting those magic 5 minutes to be turned out and cooled so I can toast and eat some!

I'll try the Tomato and smoked gouda soup and let you know how it goes. Happy Christmastide and New Year -