Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesdays in Advent

I took communion to a parishioner out in the country today. Really out in the country - in another state. That's not unusual here, for we are only five miles from that other state.

I didn't take my usual route to the house because I was coming from another place. I let the GPS lead the way, and as it often does in this rural area, it took me down unfamiliar roads. And for this Garmin GPS, a gravel road is just the same as a paved road. I end up on lots of gravel roads.

But this one was different. It looked like someone's driveway, not just a gravel road with many houses and mailboxes on it. And I guess that's what it was - someone's driveway.

But it was a wonderful look at another part of the county. I saw the backside of some very nice farms. Farms I usually see from the front. I guess that's just like life, isn't it? We see the front, never considering what the backside might look like. I suppose some farms are messy on the backside, but the ones I saw today were neat and well-tended. Just as pretty on the back as they are on the front.

Oh, and that gravel driveway? It eventually ended up at a gate that I wasn't going to get out and open in the pouring rain, so I backed up to where I could safely turn around and go back to a main road.

So, the Garmin misled me today. But the Good News is what I did see - and that there was a place to back up!